Women's Domestic Violence & Homeless Services

Our vision is to prevent violence and to promote healthy relationships through community education and raising awareness.

Since 1977, Jenny's Place has been helping women and children in the Newcastle area to find safety. We help those who are victims of domestic violence or who face homelessness. If you or someone you know is in danger, please get in touch to find out about our services and your options.

What is domestic violence?

Read about the cycle of violence, how it affects children and steps you can take towards a healthy relationship.  

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Causes of homelessness

In Australia, 1 in every 200 people is homeless, but there are resources available to those who need shelter. 

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Accommodation Services

Jenny's Place provides accommodation for women who are at risk of homelessness or experiencing domestic violence. 

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Domestic Violence Resource Centre

We provide support and information about services to keep women and children in the Newcastle region safe. 

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