Women's Domestic Violence & Homeless Services


Domestic Violence Resource Centre

Jenny’s Place Domestic Violence Resource Centre is the only facility of its kind in Newcastle. It is run on the generosity and donations we receive from members, groups and clubs in our community, as the government continues to say that there are no new funds available for this service.


Port Waratah Coal two-year sponsorship


We would really like to thank Port Waratah Coal, who, after a number of years of ongoing support, are offering a financial contribution to provide $160,000 in funding in 2017 and 2018 to assist Jenny's Place Newcastle Domestic Violence Resource Centre. 

The two-year partnership means an increase in staff to better meet demand for specialist domestic violence support services and the ability to provide more education to the community. 

Port Waratah Coal are also offering their expertise and will be working with us to secure successional and/or long-term funding for the centre, ensuring that victims of domestic violence and their families are able to access specialist domestic violence support services. 

We can't thank them enough and we are all hoping that in the near future, the Newcastle Domestic Violence Resource Centre will attract the ongoing government funding that it deserves and so desperately needs.


Domestic Violence Resource Centre


The Domestic Violence Resource Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm, at the Joy Cummings Centre, on the corner of Scott and Pacific Streets.


If you are in immediate danger ring 000 and ask for the police and/or an ambulance. Give them your name and address and explain it is urgent. If there are any firearms or weapons involved inform them of this.


The centre provides a range of services including:


  • Support over the telephone.

  • Drop-in support or one-to-one appointments.

  • Someone to listen, support and provide you with information while respecting your privacy, confidentiality and choices.

  • Help and planning to keep you and your children safe.

  • Help to answer your questions.

  • Working with you to develop a safety or escape plan.

  • Support, advocacy and referral to specialist services of your choice that meet your needs.

  • Providing you with the information you require, whether it be on services, how to get financial assistance, how to access safe short-, medium- or long-term housing.

  • Linking you with specific specialist services such as counselling, health, legal, mental health, drug or alcohol, immigration, Aboriginal, CALD, children’s services, etc.

  • Providing assistance to access brokerage and emergency relief including food, clothing, assistance to pay bills, budgeting and financial support, etc.

  • Explanation and assistance with victims compensation claims.

  • Linking you to support and educational groups.

  • Providing information on what domestic and family violence is, the different types of D&FV including emotional and verbal abuse, intimidation, controlling behaviour, financial abuse, isolation, physical abuse, stalking.

  • Providing information and education on the cycle of violence, how children are affected by witnessing or experiencing domestic and family violence and how to best support them.

  • Domestic/family violence awareness, information and education to help individuals, groups and services in the community understand and be able to support friends, family and clients who are experiencing domestic/family violence.

  • Legal clinics.


Call (02) 49 278 529 to find out more or to book an appointment.


There are also 24-hour services available. Call Link2home on 1800 152 152 or the Domestic Violence 24hr number 1800 656 463 for help at any time of the day.