Support us to keep women and children safe

Jenny’s Place provides direct relief and support to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and/or homelessness (or are at risk of homelessness).

We are committed to keeping women and children in our community safe, housed and free from violence. We aim to help our clients break the cycle of violence and live secure lives.  Can you help us make a difference to these families?

“I would not have passed that hard time without the help and support of Jenny’s Place.”


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Provides essential items to women and children in crisis including food, nappies, toiletries, pyjamas, etc.


Provides essential information and education to help individuals, groups and services in the community to understand how to support friends, family and clients who are experiencing domestic/family violence.


Provides a toddler with pre-schooling, or an older child with a computer, to help them towards a better future. Help children and teenagers who are experiencing homelessness or family violence to be safe and to thrive.


Helps provide medium-term supported transitional housing for women and their children for a period of 3 to 12 months. With support from counsellors, women have the space to make real changes in their lives and to regain their safety and independence.

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To keep up with our efforts to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness in our community, please join our community where you’ll receive news, updates, and hear of ways you can support others through Jenny’s Place.

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Choose how you can support us

Donate Direct

Your financial support enables us to serve and support more women caught in domestic violence and the effects of it. Through our Domestic Violence Resource Centre, we provide nuture and support for these women, guiding them to the next steps as they rebuild. Your donation enables this work to grow and new futures to be had.

Direct Deposit
BSB: 062 815
Account #: 0091 11 11
Account: Jenny’s Place Inc

If you would like a receipt then please email the direct deposit details to


Help Jenny’s Place to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence for women and children in our communities. Involve your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to keep them safe, housed and free from violence.

To find out more about fundraising options, or to register as a Jenny’s Place fundraiser, download our Fundraising Pack.

Inform your

Be a champion for women and children in your company. Talk to your employer about matching your support for Jenny’s Place or setting up payroll giving.

Almost two-thirds of women who experience domestic and family violence have paid jobs. Without the right support, they are likely to suffer absenteeism, presenteeism (coming to work sick), decreased productivity, poor job satisfaction and low morale.

Jenny’s Place helps to ensure that working women are supported to maintain their employment, develop workplace safety plans where necessary, and to access domestic violence services.

Ask your workplace to contribute to the safety of the women you work with and their families. By partnering with Jenny’s Place, your company can develop and implement domestic and family violence policies and procedures that build a work culture that supports women.

We offer awareness training and tailored programs to ensure that your company is a leader in addressing this significant issue for the nation and the region.

To find out more about the benefits to your organisation of partnering with Jenny’s Place, please contact us.

Leave a legacy: Bequests

If you, or someone close to you, have experienced domestic violence or homelessness, you will understand its devastating consequences. With approximately one quarter of women in Australia having experienced at least one incident of violence by an intimate partner, the odds of someone close to you being affected are high. You can leave a legacy that will make a difference to women and children in your community. Please consider including a donation to Jenny’s Place in your Will. Help us to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence and create a brighter future for women and children. To talk to us about your wishes, please contact us. Or find out more about leaving a gift to Jenny’s Place in your will.

Goods Donation

Jenny’s Place welcomes donations of new goods such as:

  • Personal care items for crisis shelters
    Sometimes women fleeing domestic violence are not able to prepare or to pack. We need new items such as toothbrushes, nappies, pajamas, underwear, or toiletries.
  • Children’s toys and books
    Gifts can help to brighten Christmas or a birthday for the children, from 1 to 18 years old, who are in crisis or transitional accommodation.


We are unable to use or process donations of furniture or household effects. If you have goods to donate, we can direct you to a partner charity, such as Friends with Dignity, who may be able to use it.

Please email or call us to check what we need or discuss donating goods.

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