Fundraiser Pack

Everything you need to help us break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness for women and children

Break the cycle and change the future

Help Jenny’s Place to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence for women and children in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

With your support we can keep local women and children safe, housed and free from violence. Involve your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues and help us build a better future – where everyone has the opportunity to meet their potential.

Inside this pack you will find all you need to get you fundraising. It includes ideas, important information and forms to complete.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas and plans. We’d love to hear from you and to share your events/initiatives. If you have any more questions, please call us on (02) 4927 8529.

Fundraising ideas

Get online

Set up an online fundraising page to promote your event or activity. It’s a really great way for everyone to support you, especially those who may be unable to make it to your event, but would like to contribute by making a donation.

This can be set up through Crowdraiser and promoted on your Social Media. Other Australian fundraising sites include My Cause and Go Fundraise. We’ve provided a sample email and letter at the end of this pack as a guide to help you to ask your friends and contacts to donate.

Go active

Fulfil your fitness goals while fundraising to empower women to escape violence.

  • Run, swim, cycle, dance, row, paddle or walk. Invite your work colleagues, friends and family to support your efforts. Challenge them to be part of a team and seek their own supporters. Set up your fitness challenge page here.

Get Social

Build community by organising a positive outcome from your next get-together. Hold a trivia night, talent show, dinner party, sausage sizzle or barbecue and ask for an entry fee or donation.


  • Children and families in our community are affected by homelessness and domestic violence. You and your school community can help to break the cycle.
  • Organise a dress up or pyjama day for students and collect a gold coin donation.
  • Hold a sausage sizzle or cupcake day and donate the proceeds.


  • Bake-off morning or afternoon tea – get the competitive juices flowing in your workplace. Bakers pay an entry fee to vie for the glory of being voted best baker each year. You all get to enjoy the results and non-bakers can pay a fee to attend.
  • Chocolate box – fundraise for us and help your colleagues to survive their afternoon slump with some sweet treats in your workplace.

Be adventurous

Planning a trip? Get your family and friends to sponsor your adventure holiday.

Climb a mountain or trek a trail. There are plenty of destinations in Australia or abroad to challenge you and inspire your supporters. Keep them updated on your milestones via social media.


Do you have a special celebration coming up? A birthday, wedding, Christmas!

Why not give up the traditional idea of receiving gifts and instead give a gift by asking your friends and family to donate to a charity that you care about?

Get raffling

Are you an artist? Do you like to sew? Do you love quilting or embroidering? Maybe you are great at making jewellery or handmade items?

Why not get creative and once your masterpiece is complete, hold a raffle. Jenny’s Place benefit from the proceeds you raise and some lucky person gets your creation that you made with love.

“Without Jenny’s Place, I don’t know where I would have gone or what I would have done. I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have anywhere to go, or any family to support me.”


Fundraising Application

Thank you so much for wanting to fundraise for Jenny’s Place. Your support, and that of other individuals, groups and business fundraisers, helps us to keep local women and children safe, housed and free from violence.

To organise a fundraising event or activity to support Jenny’s Place, we need you to complete the following proposal, in order to be granted an Authority to Fundraise.

Please read our guidelines before filling in the proposal form below. Sign the declaration to complete your application and email it to

Your application will be assessed within 10 working days. Once approved, you will receive a letter authorising you to fundraise on behalf of Jenny’s Place.

Authority to Fundraise Application

Fundraiser Details

Your Details



  • A “Fundraiser” means the individual/organisation holding the event on behalf of Jenny’s Place. The fundraiser is not authorised to fundraise for Jenny’s Place until a letter of authority has been issued.
  • The fundraising activity will be conducted in the name of the Authorised Fundraiser and is their responsibility. The fundraising activity must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
  •  You must hold a Fundraising License issued by a State or Territory Governing Body to fundraise for any charity within Australia. By registering your fundraising with Jenny’s Place, you become legally authorised to fundraise under our license.
  • The ‘Jenny’s Place’ name or logo cannot be used as part of your activity’s name without approval in writing. Once an Authority to Fundraise has been granted, you are able to say that “all funds raised are to be donated to Jenny’s Place” and use the words “Proudly Supporting Jenny’s Place”
  • Please provide copies of all advertising/marketing using Jenny’s Place name or logo for approval before publication.
  • Jenny’s Place does not provide public liability insurance to cover community fundraising activities.
  • Jenny’s Place are unable to undertake tasks for the Authorised Fundraiser or promote their event through media relations. We are here to support you as much as possible however you will need to manage any ticket sales, organise prizes and keep track of your finances, including the collection of money.
  • Jenny’s Place will do their best to accommodate requests for someone to attend your event. However please understand we are unable to fulfil all requests (as much as we would love to!).
  • It is a requirement of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 that you keep records of income and expenditure for your activity.
  • It is a requirement that expenses drawn from your income should not exceed 40%. Jenny’s Place will not pay any expenses incurred by the Fundraiser.
  • Jenny’s Place can provide general and Donation Tax receipts for approved fundraising activities. Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to people donating $2 or more.
  • Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued in return for a straight donation, that is, when the donor receives no benefit.
  • The following are not tax-deductible because the person gets something in return for giving:

– ticket purchases (e.g. raffle), entry to a fundraising activity, donations of good or services, auction purchases.

  • Please send the proceeds of the fundraising activity, together with any relevant correspondence to Jenny’s Place within 30 days of the conclusion of the fundraising activity. Please contact for the banking details.
  • Please send us details and photographs, so we can keep a record of your activity and include your story in our newsletter or on our website.
  • Any funds that are raised for Jenny’s Place through the Authorised Fundraiser are allocated by Jenny’s Place to wherever the need is most urgent. You can learn more about Jenny’s Place services on our website.

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