Women's Domestic Violence & Homeless Services


Our Homeless Services


  • Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?

  • Are you sleeping on a friend’s couch, in a park or in a car?

  • Do you live in an overcrowded house?

  • Are you escaping domestic violence?

  • Do you know someone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness?


Jenny’s Place Homeless Services

Jenny’s Place provides services to women and children experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless in the Newcastle region. We aim at delivering a prevention and early intervention response by identifying and supporting them to remain safely in their homes or to secure stable housing. The services provided by Jenny’s Place include:

  • Assistance in accessing supported crisis and temporary accommodation

  • Assistance and support to access private rental, public and community housing options

  • Assistance and support to address immediate needs such as food, clothing, transport, medical treatment and safety

  • Assistance to identify barriers to sustaining tenancies and advocacy to address the barriers

  • Referral and support to access homeless and specialist programs and services to meet your individual needs

  • Assistance to access free homeless persons legal services

  • Assistance with completing private, public and community housing applications and explaining the processes involved

  • Assistance to re-establish homes by accessing furniture and household items from community and charity organisations, where possible

  • Providing follow-up support after housing if required.


Jenny's Place runs a women’s tenancy support program that aims to:

  • Provide a safe and supported environment for women to meet with specialist homeless service staff where we can assist you to explore options and ideas to meet your needs

  • Provide information and advice on options and available resources

  • Provide support and assistance to identify individual barriers to sustaining tenancies

  • Talk to property managers on your behalf

  • Provide support and assistance to develop a support plan to resolve tenancy problems such as rent arrears, budgeting, property damage, safety issues, yard maintenance and hoarding and squalor etc.

  • Provide support and assistance to identify, highlight and build on existing strengths

  • Provide opportunities for you to build knowledge and skills

  • Develop a support plan to keep goals on track

  • Identify potential pathways and refer to other specialist services e.g, Financial Counselling and Work Development Orders, Domestic Violence Support, Mental Health Services, Drug and Alcohol Support, Family Support Services, Education and Employment Services, Legal Services, Disability Support Providers, Cultural and Linguistic Services, Aboriginal Services.


How to access Jenny’s Place Homeless Services

Phone Jenny’s Place Intake Line on 02 49 296289 and select Option 1. This line is open between 9am and 4.30pm from Monday to Friday.

An initial assessment will be conducted over the phone to identify and discuss support options based on individual circumstances.