Jill’s story


Jill Evans retired from her role as Assistant Manager of Jenny’s Place in 2019, after 32 years of service. She worked closely with the children who were impacted by domestic violence.

“Over the years, I have seen the devastating effects on women of living in violent or abusive relationships. The main issue confronting them is finding safety. Many of those who come to Jenny’s Place have low self-esteem, poor education and lack skills and qualifications. They are unable to find employment, so lack the means to feed and clothe their children. Finding affordable housing is beyond many of our clients, who are not used to negotiating with real estate agents or housing providers. These issues all impact them immediately and into the future.

Jenny’s Place offers women the support they need to leave abusive relationships and empowers them with the education, skills and confidence to rebuild their lives.

By far the worst effects of family violence, however, are felt by children. Many of them miss a lot of school, or are forced to move from school to school, because of family violence. Many lay awake at night, scared for their Mum and fall asleep in class. They can fall behind in their studies and never catch up, negatively impacting on their outcomes for the rest of their lives.

I’ve seen children going hungry because Dad will not provide money for food, bills, clothes, excursions or other activities. Isolation from family and friends while fleeing from domestic violence also has a huge impact on children. At Jenny’s Place, we offer children a safe place and support their mothers to create a brighter future for them.”

“Jenny’s Place is a beacon of hope to women and children suffering the effects of domestic violence.”

Jill (centre) is pictured here with Jenny’s Place Manager Marcia Chapman (left) and business leader Belinda Smith at a 1920s themed fundraising dinner held at Customs House in 2013

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