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Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

In accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles and Information Principles Amendment 2014. (Privacy fact sheet 17.)

Jenny’s Place Incorporated is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal and/or sensitive information that you give us to help us provide a high quality service.


Information considered personal and sensitive may include:

Your personal details: Name, address, contact details, children's personal information

Information related to your situation: History of domestic violence/homelessness, legal, medical, child protection etc.

Documentation, referrals: Case notes, referral documentation, legal documents etc.


Disclosure of Information


Personal and sensitive information you provide will not be disclosed or shared with anyone else without your prior verbal and/or written consent. There may be circumstances when personal and sensitive information will be disclosed, such as:


  • When there is a duty of care to protect a client's safety, including children, and related persons. (Staff are mandatory reporters and must notify the relevant authorities when children are being harmed, have been abused and/or are at risk of harm.)


  • If required by law, when documents are subpoenaed for legal purposes by courts, FACS, legal firms representing clients etc.


  • General statistical information and data is collected and used in service reports, research and to apply for grants/funding etc, however private client details are not disclosed.


Collection and Storage of Information


Information collected is securely and accurately recorded. Information is confidential and necessary precautions will be taken to keep it safe and secure. Information is stored in case files and on client databases. All paper files are stored in secured locked cabinets. Databases are secure and are firewall protected and security coded. All facilities have security measures in place.


Accurate Information


Jenny’s Place Incorporated Services will attempt to ensure that sensitive and/or personal information is accurate and up to date, however you are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details or circumstances.


Information Access


Information requested from you can be provided verbally and/or in writing. We will require proof of identity and require you to sign a consent form. We will also require a written consent form to release information to your legal representative or other services, if required.




If you have complaints regarding the privacy of your personal and/or sensitive information you can put the complaint in writing to the Manager of Jenny’s Place Inc. PO Box 2055, Dangar, NSW 2309. Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with Jenny’s Place complaints policy.




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Privacy Statement


  • This site collects and analyses limited information from users.

  • We record your visit for statistical purposes, the date and time, pages accessed and documents downloaded to assist us in analysing statistics to assist us in improving our services and the information provided.