Women's Domestic Violence & Homeless Services


Supported Transitional Accommodation Program

Jenny’s Place provides medium-term supported transitional housing for women and their independent children for a period of 3 to 12 months.

An assessment process is undertaken to determine whether the program is best suited to the applicant’s needs and situation. Women accepted into the program engage with a support worker for the duration of their lease to work on their individual goals.

This is an opportunity for women to make real changes in their lives and to regain their safety and independence. Towards the end of their lease, and when clients are ready to exit the program, staff work with them to find safe, affordable long-term housing.

Our transitional housing program provides:

  • Case management, support and accommodation to women wanting to work on issues affecting their ability to obtain and sustain safe and long-term housing. Caseworkers work closely with the clients, assisting them to identify goals and supporting them to take the steps necessary to achieve them.

  • Assistance to build a positive rental history.

  • Support to work on personal issues specific to them such as budgeting, parenting, family law matters, establishing support networks, as well as addressing any complex needs.

  • Support and assistance to develop new skills and access training and/or education to improve employment opportunities. Links are built with employment agencies or other institutions depending on the client's goals.

  • Assistance and support is provided to women experiencing immigration-related issues with links to specialist Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) services.

  • Caseworkers help mothers to ensure their children's needs - as identified by the mother - are met.

  • Support workers link clients with other specialist services/workers, including culturally-appropriate services such as Aboriginal and CALD services.


Co-case management meetings are held regularly with clients about the services involved, to clarify client’s needs and goals, to ensure everyone is clear on the roles and support provided by each service, and to discuss client’s satisfaction, progress and determine if any changes required.

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