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Teacher’s trek for Jenny’s Place


The school and its families have donated funds to be sponsors on Ms McCabe’s personalised jersey and directly to her campaign – and her students were joining her in training before lockdown started.

“It was going to be just over 80 kilometres in a fairly remote area with trek guides – because they lead the way in, you’re not following a set path – and we were going to be carrying everything that we needed for those nine days in a backpack,” she said.

“That was going to weigh about 20 kilograms, so we’ve all been training with sandbags in our backpacks to get ready for it. I’ve been walking around the school a lot, we have hills here and it’s quite a nice area, and during some lunchtimes the students have joined me as well.

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This piece was published in the Newcastle Herald on 11 August, 2021.
Written by: Helen Gregory. Picture: Marina Neil

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